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Digital strategy and your online presence

Look at your digital marketing strategy like you would look at building a house. Your marketing strategy is the blueprint to the house while your online presence is the finished product. Just like your house has multiple pieces working together: plumbing, electrical, carpentry etc., your digital presence needs to fit and flow together like a well-built and designed house. Then, it's time to put your business on the map!


If your website is the structure and bones of your website, your blog is the heart of your website and keeps new blood pumping to the other pieces of your online presence. Google wants to see regular blog posts on your site that keep it fresh and relative. Here a a couple ways to keep your blog fresh.

Branded Social Media Channels

Social media is public relations. It sets the tone for how you are going to engage and communicate with your consumers and brand loyalists. Social media allows you to reach the masses for a very low cost.

Search Engine Placement

Search Engine Optimization is the single most effective method to increase your online presence. The digital marketing team here at Speak is passionate about SEO, but we get that most business owners do not understand SEO or get how it makes or breaks your digital marketing strategy.