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Carbo Neutral

Client Stories: In order to reduce power consumption and carbon emission, produce pollution-free electricity.

Client Name: Carbo Neutral

Sector: Energy and utilities

Client Objective:

In order to reduce power consumption and carbon emission, produce pollution-free electricity, and to attract maximum customers. Another key objective is creating job opportunities in society. 


Prushaltech designed an informative website to expand their reach of efficient natural energy services.


●   Easy to access new customers.

●   Two-way communication.

●   Improved customer service.

About Carbon Neutral:

Carbon Neutral has been set up to develop significant Megawatts (MWs) of Solar energy, wind energy, Biogas, and Bioenergy generation capacities in India. Carbon Neutral is also working towards the concept of Energy efficient buildings, efficient lighting, and energy management solutions in order to reduce power consumption and carbon emission. Carbon Neutral will ensure a transition to low carbon power generation, creating job opportunities in the society and contributing towards the development of communities. They provide services like solar power generation, wind power generation, energy-efficient buildings, and lightning. 

Digital Presence of Energy Services:

The purpose of an informative website is to convey specific, helpful information to a specific user so that the reader learns something new or understands your services better. Carbon Neutral decided to design a business website to increase awareness in the market. Prushaltech helped to create an interactive website to enhance their services. The website links provide all the helpful information about the services of Carbon Neutral like efficient energy buildings, efficient lighting, and energy management solutions.


As we all know, a strong online presence allows you to gain the credibility that you need to attract more customers. Through the website, Carbon Neutral has achieved a wide variety of improvements that added more value, including:

● Improved customers.

● Connect people from anywhere.

● Easy to spread awareness about efficient energy management solutions.

● Increased professionalism.

● Became easy to reach out to many people.

Visit At: https://carboneutral.in/

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