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Krunal Thakkar

A Digital platform for a growth

Client: Krunal Thakkar

Sector: Professional Services, Social influencer

Client objectives: To take maximum advantage of digital platforms and explore new opportunities with digital solutions for rapid growth. Another key objective is to increase the potential reach of his books and digital courses.

Solution: Prushaltech designed a portfolio website to achieve a massive success in his profession.


●    Improved book sale

●    Anytime and anywhere accessibility through smart phones

●    Significant cost savings

●    Reduction of time

●    Increased standardization.


Krunal Thakkar is a very influential person who has crossed the eyes of many people in his career. He is a motivational speaker, corporate trainer, writer of best selling book Success Through Meditation”. Amazon Bestselling book”Success Through Meditation”. He is an “Assam Book of Record” holder. As a successful author with a range of speaking events. He aims to motivate and inspire audiences by sharing his knowledge through helpful resources. The challenge for him was to develop a marketing strategy that highlights his work.

Develop a Website to achieve massive growth:

Following a competitive bidding process, Mr. Krunal Thakkar selected Prushal Technology based on its history of successful digital transformation projects and best client reviews. These two aspects gave him the confidence that an investment in the development and implementation of digital solutions would be rewarded with substantial gains.

With a detailed understanding of his circumstances and needs, Prushal Technology then designed a portfolio website for his unique requirements. This enabled Krunal Thakkar to create, share, and track clients more effectively. The designed website has all of the necessary information: retail links, a short biography, books information. course information and links to social media. A dedicated, thoughtful, and well-maintained contact page is key to the great success of having potential readers, event organizers, or publishers land on his website.


As we all know today all businesses will come online to gain massive growth. After launching website he achieve massive growth in his business because online presence allows him to:

• global access, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

• Improved client service through greater flexibility.

• Improved sales of products

• Reach out to many people

• Increased professionalism.

• Focus On Ideas

• Connect people from anywhere

• Marketing his products online

• Email newsletters

Visit at: http://krunalthakkar.com

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