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Neelansh Equipment & Machines

Client Stories: Empowering manufacturing domain with a strong digital presence.

Client Name:  Neelansh Equipment & Machines

Sector: Manufacturing

Client Objective:

The main goal of Neelansh Equipment and Machines is to improve customer support and customer satisfaction through better service. Another key objective is to develop customer-reach and provide a unique customer experience.


Prushaltech designed an SEO friendly website which provides an efficient way for Neelansh Equipments & Machines to introduce their products and their services.


Neelansh Equipments & Machines is a salient manufacturer, supplier & exporter of stainless steel equipment and furniture items for Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Hospital, and Commercial Kitchen. They focus on the design and fabrication of cleanroom stainless steel furniture and equipment to meet the proper demand of clients from industries ranging from Pharmaceutical, Biotech to Hospitals.

At the helm of the manufacturing chain, Neelansh Equipments & Machines is able to produce high quality, pre-design, as well as custom made products for our clients. They are a well-known organization that provides clients with the best cleanroom products. Our all products successfully cater to individual requirements of clients from related industries.

Digital presence for a rapid growth:

One of the most important aspects of having your own online presence of your business is that you can market directly to visitors and customers. An online presence gives you the opportunity of selling directly to consumers on your website. When you have your customers’ email addresses, you can send them promotions, offer discounts, and announce new products. This gives you fewer opportunities to provide good customer service and promote your other products. Neelansh Equipment & Machines decided to create a website to promote their business and provide cleanroom services to customers. They selected prushaltech to fulfill their specific needs. Prushal tech designed a website that enables Neelansh Equipment & Machines to provide the best customer service to their customers. This allows them to introduce their products and high-quality cleanroom services. This website provides a page with the list of products, enquiries, contact information effectively.  


●  Improved  sales of the products.

●  Increased customer reach.

●  Provides single cost services

●  Provides 24/7 assistance

●  Reduced budget requirements.

Visit at:   https://neelanshequipment.com/

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