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Seema Project

Client Stories: To rehabilitate the children of female sex workers who are at risk of entering prostitution – Seema Project

Client name: Rev. Haribhau Waghmode Patil

Sector: NGO(Social Work)

Client objectives:

The main objective of the Seema Project is to rehabilitate the children of female sex workers who are at risk of entering prostitution. Their vision is to remove the children of sex workers from the red light area of Pune and to rehabilitate them to be useful members of society and provide them with new hope and beginning.


Prushaltech designed a website that provides an effective way to spread awareness about child protection, HIV/AIDS.

About Seema Project:

Rev. Haribhau Waghmode Patil Pratishthan(RHWPP) was founded in 2005 as a non-profit organization with headquarters in Pune, India. It is registered under the BPT Act 1950 number F-20332 and FCRA Act 1976 number 083930502.

RHWPP provides health education programs to schools and communities under the Pune Municipal Corporation raising health awareness amongst female Sex Workers, truckers, police, slum dwellers, and children. RHWPP cares for the children of the sex workers in our child development center in Bori which is nearly 30 km on the outskirts of Baramati, Maharashtra.

Digital Presence of NGO:

Communication is the key in which the lock of every organization turns. Transparent and effective communication is the only way to go when they need networking arises. A strong online presence is a cost-effective and efficient way of communication. The online presence of NGOs helps current and future donors, as well as partners, understand the role of the organization and solidifies your professionalism and legitimacy. A website is the easiest way to provide others with loads of information about what the organization stands for.

To take maximum advantage of digital platforms and explore new opportunities  Mrs.Seema Waghmode decided to design an NGO website. She selected Prushaltech for effective website development. Prushaltech designed a website that allows RHWPP  to build new relationships with potential advocates and volunteers. This website Not only provides a useful communication channel, but it also helps an organization to project an image of professionalism and structure.


An effectively-designed NGO website is great for collecting donations, engaging support. Seema project achieved significant improvements after launching the website:

● Convenient communications tool.

● Increased the legitimacy of the organization.

● Became easy to spread public awareness about sex Trafficing, HIV/AIDS .

● Improved volunteers.

Visit at:  http://seemasproject.org/

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